How do we anticipate ?Edit

It is known that our brain is the start of every decision we take. But there are two aspects of this decision-making process that we have to expose :

- We, as human beings, do not have the time to explore all the possibilities of what could happen. That is why our brain has to make a decision based on what is most likely to happen : the brain has to anticipate for us. It is safe to assume that there are "internal models" in complex brain structures that help us to anticipate. 

- Behavior as we know it is said to be "stimulus-driven", which means we are supposed to act because we recieved a particular stimulus (pain, warning, intuition, visual effect, sound, etc...). But recent studies show that it is, in fact, more "goal-oriented" : we behave in an anticipatory way, and the stimulus (ambient interactions) reinforce already anticipated outcomes. (Herbart, Ideo-Motor Principle)

Why do we anticipate ?Edit